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In 2011, we acquired the Circle E Pump Company in Sacramento California, which broadened our pump product lines to the market place.  Now we can offer you solutions for many of your pumping applications.  Call us today and we will find the right pump for your job

Agricultural Pumps -- Pump for farm gate, irrigation, fertilizer and utility applications.

Mining (above-Ground) Pumps -- Pumps for dewatering, runoff, transfer and washing operations for above ground mining.


Construction Pumps -- A wide range of pumps for contractor and bypass pumping applications

Industrial Pumps -- Pumps for solids, wastes, debris and chemicals in a wide variety of industrial applications.

Petroleum Pumps -- Pumps for flammable clean liquids and other refined petroleum products.

Sewage Pumps -- Sewage lift stations, valve packages and sewage pumps.

Stainless Steel Pumps -- Specialized pumps for food processing and food grade pumps.


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