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Both Multiquip and Wacker manufacture dependable construction grade generators that are versatile and ideal for smaller jobs. Multiquip’s gasoline powered generators range from 2.5 to 9.7kW and have earned a reputation for providing reliable power in the most demanding applications. A 7kW diesel-powered model is available for jobs where noise must be kept to a minimum. Multiquip also offers the industries only generator that produces both 180Hz power for high-cycle concrete vibrators and 60Hz power for standard power tools.Wacker’s GPi 3200 inverter generator offers clean AC power that is ideal for powering small tools and sensitive electronics. The inverter technology allows the engine speed to automatically increase or decrease based on the power needs of the equipment, which creates a much quieter fuel efficient generator. The lightweight and compact size make it easy for one person to transport.
If you need to rent temporary trailer mounted prime or standby generator we have staff available to help you with size your power requirements and provide you with a rental generator package that will have options to include all the cabling, switchgear, and distribution panels you project requires, field installed and safely commissioned at your project site. Look up at the list of various generator services that we provide on our site’s product and services page. Call and talk to a salesman today.


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